The Modern Housing Product

It is a tough decision to gather knowledge for the construction of your home to decide what to use and what not to use. A similar difficult task is to decide about choosing a design for skirting. Once you decide the designing of the skirting then comes the turn to choose the material. This is even a tougher decision. You have to be fully aware of all the benefits and repercussions of using it.

All you need to know about MDF skirting board.

MDF skirting board is the most widely used products in the home. It is generally preferred over pine and oak wood.

Firstly, MDF stands for Medium Density Fiber board. It needs a huge setup to be manufactured.

Process of manufacturing

The process of manufacturing the MDF skirting board is as follows-

Firstly the bark of a tree is removed from the tree. This is done to improve the quality of the wood and to remove the extra sand from it. After removing the bark completely the remaining log of wood is cut. It is cut into even long strips, depending on the size needed. After this process is over these strips are cleaned. It is done to eradicate any sand or silt.

These strips are then made to be covered in liquid aminoalkane wax. This wax sticks the strips together. When they are completely stuck to each other, It is made to dry inside a hot air dryer.

After it completely dried off it is then placed inside a de-fibrator. A de-fibrator is a machine used to expose the strips to a very high temperature. The strips from a thick fluid and is then mingled with storax. The alkane wax increases the woods’ resistance against moisture while storax helps it to bind together firmly.

It is again placed in a hot air dryer to dry off completely.

Then this residue is converted into flat sheets through heavy weighted rollers. These mats are then piled up together and stored.