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Coil Coating

Coil Coating Best Practices: Tips for Optimal Surface Finishing

Efficient coil coating practices hold the key to achieving superior surface finishing. Unraveling the potential of coil coating involves a deep understanding of selecting appropriate coating systems. Substrate and coating materials significantly impact the final appearance, and the temperature and…

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Energetic renovation

Energetic renovation project: by yourself or with an architect?

There’s no denying that eco-friendly houses are an effective step towards a low-emission country. Many homes are renovating their existing dwellings to become more friendly to the environment. During the planning stage of an energetic renovation project, deciding whether to…

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Increase in the number of wooden house constructions

The wooden house has been experiencing strong growth since the early 2000s and several factors are at the origin of this market progression on traditional houses built from concrete and cinder blocks. First of all, there is usually the cost…

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Tips for renovating your home

Nowadays, it is important to renovate your home for several reasons. Most importantly, it is possible to do it in a smart way. Why renovate? Renovating your property is first and foremost to optimize it. Whether it is in the…

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Insulation is also in summer

When you think about insulation, the first thing that comes to mind is insulation against the cold. Good insulation will protect you from the cold as well as from the heat. Insulating from the cold is often the first idea….

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The steps of restoring a house

Renovating your home is a long and expensive undertaking, but it also allows you to arrange your house as you wish and to your taste. Before you start renovating, there are a number of things to think about beforehand, here…

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