Veranda construction

Veranda: what do you need to know before building it?

Having a house with a veranda is really charming. But it requires a lot of work. But what are the steps to follow before building one? It’s really nice to have a veranda. You can relax and unwind on it…

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Building a veranda: what material and what style?

There are all kinds of styles of verandas for all kinds of tastes. Shapes and materials change. Which one best suits your taste? Sunny desires get in the way… Even if the house doesn’t have an original veranda, no problem,…

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Construction of a veranda: providing heating and air conditioning

Many like the idea of being able to enjoy the garden all year round. Yes, but this is almost impossible, especially when the rainy season comes. That’s when the verandas come in. The veranda is the most exposed room in…

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