and renovation

Insulation, exterior fittings, replacement, minor work, structural work, masonry, plumbing, electricity, installation of doors and windows, alarm installation, installation of stoves, painting, wooden joinery, floor and wall covering, house decoration...

Arrange a kitchen and a bathroom


Sanitation facility






Exterior insulation



Creation of green space and garden

Wood decking

There’s nothing warmer than a nice wooden deck. When you choose to install a deck, you can choose between the species, the addition of decoration, the shape, the length of the boards…

PVC pergolas

The PVC pergolas provide a high quality, solid and waterproof structure. The pergola models guarantee maximum protection against UV rays and also the rain, for more information please visit Outdoor Living Design.

Fence and gate

Between castle gates and fences and the models typical of architect’s houses, homeowners are spoilt for choice.

Garage door

To install a garage door, there is a choice of different types of opening: a roller, sectional, side, up-and-over or swing opening.

Swimming pool installation

It is possible to install your own pool thanks to the kit pools. Future owners of the artificial pool have the choice between buying the kit alone or a kit and assistance package.


The carpenter carpenter deals with many services such as the manufacture of windows, doors, shutters, works in PVC, wood, aluminum …


The main activity of a carpenter-roofer is the complete installation of the roof. These specialists carry out the structural work, prepare the framework in the workshop .

Installation and renovation of verandas

Old verandas end up deteriorating over the years due to bad weather, urban pollution… After 30 years, it is recommended to carry out some renovation work to continue to enjoy this living room. Although the aluminium structure of the structure has an excellent lifespan, some elements must be replaced to enjoy a comfortable veranda all year round. The installation of a veranda is no small task. It represents an important investment and a major change in the appearance of your home. More details on

Home renovation

In terms of energy supply, three factors need to be balanced: competitiveness, environment and climate, and security of supply. Renewable energies make it possible to light, heat and power various engines. They provide a natural energy source for other functions. The advantages of this energy source are due to their clean, renewable and safe nature.

Bathtub or shower, WC, washbasin, water heater… the bathroom needs many accessories to be functional. A sanitary installation can be made in a shower room… It can be a shower, bath and bathroom installation. It is the work of channelling, connection, evacuation and supply useful for the functioning of the sanitary appliances.

There are signs that it is time to schedule fa├žade restoration work. This operation should be carried out when the outside walls of the dwelling are ageing, when there are problems with watertightness or when you notice paint starting to peel. The solution to keep a house in good condition is to periodically, on average every 10 to 15 years, a facade restoration.