The steps of restoring a house

Renovating your home is a long and expensive undertaking, but it also allows you to arrange your house as you wish and to your taste. Before you start renovating, there are a number of things to think about beforehand, here are a few ideas.

Evaluate the scope of the work

This is the first step, you have to make an inventory of all the things to be done and try as much as possible to budget for them, in order to have a global view of the project. Do not hesitate to slightly overestimate the budget, within the limits of your means, in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Moreover, home restoration can be an opportunity to move towards BBC renovation, which is becoming more and more democratic and ensures value for money.

Checking the electrical network and plumbing

In addition to making sure that the electricity is working properly and checking plugs and switches, care must also be taken to ensure that everything is up to standard, in which case upgrades will be required. Pipes must not leak and all water points must be connected to the network. The heating system must also be thoroughly checked.

Check the insulation

Very important point for a house: its insulation. This does not only depend on the material used to insulate the walls and roof (rock wool for example), but also on the quality of the openings (windows, doors...). Check the condition of the framework either from the attic or by lifting a few tiles on the roof. Also pay attention to the level of humidity, if some walls or ceilings are stained black, they will have to be treated. For wallpaper, it should not come off. If the walls are painted, the humidity will be palpable because they will ooze. You will have to check everything, whether the restoration of the house is done by yourself or by a specialized company, without forgetting the evacuation of waste water or the state of the floors. You can sometimes have unpleasant surprises under recent wallpaper or carpeting. Be careful with everything because a bad estimate will lead to additional costs and delays.
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