Tips for renovating your home

Nowadays, it is important to renovate your home for several reasons. Most importantly, it is possible to do it in a smart way.

Why renovate?

Renovating your property is first and foremost to optimize it. Whether it is in the context of a future sale or to transform it to your taste, it is important to enhance the value of your home. And the renovation of the house goes through menus or major works: painting, decoration, renovation of the plumbing, electricity... Renovating also means investing in the long term by renovating windows, roofs and walls to avoid energy losses and thus making considerable savings. However, renovating your home is above all about taking possession of places, transforming them until they become a reflection of our imagination, our ambition, our personality in the end.

How to renovate?

It is not necessary to have studied architecture or decorating to capture the potential of a house to be renovated. Flea markets and yard sales are full of old furniture that can be rebuilt and personalized to suit your interior. So, don't hesitate to find here and there an old country table and its old china cabinet to restore your kitchen in country style or to fit out your exterior! It is therefore a good idea to mix different periods: marrying old stones and beams with new wooden furniture and pop art paintings, daring to use bright colours on the walls will add cachet to your home. White brings softness and warmth to a room dedicated to relaxation: white English style sofas, beams repainted in white with a restored fireplace as the main element will be a real invitation to relaxation. The old stones or steps tell the history of the place: a restoration is possible. In this sense, do not hesitate to keep the old taps or old stairs.
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