Can we set up a swimming pool under a veranda?

When you see swimming pools in some people's gardens, it really makes you want to have one. But you tell yourself it's not for the average person, and maybe you don't even have the land big enough to put in a pool. But it is now possible to build a verandah with a swimming pool on it. In addition, there are dozens and dozens of pool models to suit all tastes with large and small budgets.

A swimming pool: the must

It's just so nice to have your own pool at home. You can lounge around as much as you want, and of course you can invite your friends over to have a good time. The trick is to have your pool on the porch. This has been the trend for some time now. To carry out this kind of work, it is necessary to call upon a veranda manufacturer who specializes in the installation of custom-made verandas. However, it is possible that the project of a pool under the veranda was considered after the veranda was built. It is quite possible that the veranda is not large enough to accommodate a pool. However, the project is not in the water, it is quite possible to make a veranda extension.

What is the equipment for the veranda?

Since installing a swimming pool under the veranda is not a convenient construction, it requires specific equipment. What equipment? The veranda should be equipped with a ventilation and humidification system. And all materials must be corrosion-resistant. So it will have to be made of stainless steel or zinc-coated steel. You should also think about heating in the swimming pool.

How to maintain the veranda and the swimming pool?

At least every year, you should think about checking the above-mentioned appliances such as the ventilation and dehumidification system. However, maintenance is a whole lot of work. The windows should be cleaned every month, and of course the entire surface of the veranda and the pool. However, it is already easier to clean the pool under the veranda as there are no leaves or too much dust since the pool is covered and protected.
Similarities and differences between pergola and verranda

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