Similarities and differences between pergola and verranda

People often think that the pergola and the verandah are the same thing. But it's not really at all. Once we see what they have in common as well as their differences, we will have to make a choice between one and the other. Indeed, many people who want to extend their house have difficulty choosing between the veranda and the pergola. The pergola and veranda builder will know exactly which model is right for his house, because both are very beautiful and make the house more attractive.

What do veranda and pergola have in common?

Why do people always confuse veranda and pergola? Because they are both structures that make it possible to extend the house. It is the interface between the house and the garden. They can both be dependent on the house and be real rooms apart. The pergola and the veranda can be arranged so that they are living rooms. They can also be converted into dining rooms, kitchen, office, living room or playroom. Another point in common between these two structures is their design and execution. The same materials are also used in their construction.

The differences between pergola and veranda

Accessibility and insulation are notable differences between the pergola and the veranda. Indeed, the veranda is a space closed by glazing. While the pergola, on the other hand, is open on the sides and not really fully closed. Therefore, the pergola does not require any insulation system, unlike the veranda, which needs heating and air-conditioning to be installed. Thermal insulation must be excellent in a veranda so that you can enjoy it in winter as well as in summer.

At the administrative level

It's also interesting to know that the veranda requires a lot of work. We must therefore consult the commune to which we belong to issue a building permit. The pergola, on the other hand, does not require a permit. But you still have to go to the commune to get a declaration of work. Naturally, the creation of a pergola is quicker and easier to install than that of a veranda.
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