Civil liability for your home

Civil liability in the context of a home (house or apartment) insurance corresponds to the obligation to make reparation for damage caused to others. This damage can result from negligence or imprudence. It can also be committed by your children or animals, or any person living under your roof. In the event of a fault committed, the insurance will, in this context, substitute itself for the person responsible for the act performed. The insurance will then compensate the victim of the loss. These solutions are an integral part of home insurance contracts. It is advisable to validate the clauses and extensions of civil liability with your insurer and to check the legal information and insurance coverage on specialized sites by visiting this insurance site for example.

How does third party liability come into play in the event of a claim?

1 - For tenants : As far as home insurance is concerned, tenants have the possibility of taking out two types of cover. There is "rental risks" insurance, which is a legal obligation to cover all damage caused by the occupant throughout the rental period. This guarantee is usually accompanied by a "recourse for neighbours and third parties". The latter intervenes in the event of damage caused to neighbours, following water damage, fire, or an explosion for which the tenant is deemed responsible. Its services are however limited by the clauses provided for in the contract. It is also possible to add additional guarantees in the home insurance contract. In particular, the tenant can insure his furniture and valuables against fire, explosion, water damage... or any other risk of force majeure or natural disasters. 2 - For owners living in a detached house : Owner-occupiers have the possibility of taking out insurance for their home and property in the event of theft, burglary, act of terrorism, storm, natural disaster or any other unfortunate event. What are the extensions of a liability insurance contract? - Neighbour and third party recourse: it covers your liability towards the person and property of neighbours and third parties in the event of damage. - Civil and family liability: in the event of bodily injury or property damage due to the actions of members of your family (you, your spouse, your children), persons or objects under your responsibility (domestic and any other person at your service, your pets or those entrusted to your care, or any object in your custody or belonging to you). In addition, in cases where you have undertaken work on your home, or a serious accident has occurred in your home, home insurance provides benefits of : - Loss of use guarantee: the insurer will pay the rent on a house that looks like yours during all the work. - Removal costs: in this case, the insurance company reimburses the victims for the costs of removing the rubble and replacing their furniture.
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