Colour in decoration

When we talk about "interior decoration", the question about colours will be unavoidable. This point will have a considerable impact on the ambiance and atmosphere of an interior. Colour is very important in the world of a home or business. This is why we suggest that you use, as we do, the colour wheel, which will allow you to identify the families of colours that blend together without making a mistake in taste. The safe solution is to paint an entire room with a single colour. You can make the whole thing more dynamic by adding stripes or a band of white for example. To make a room look bigger while maintaining a certain harmony, play with a monochrome colour scheme. Attention it is advised to never exceed a maximum of three colours, the famous rule of three very important in decoration and interior architecture. It will be possible for you to imagine and create real compositions to obtain a tasteful personalized atmosphere. An essential tool used by interior designers and decorators is the colour wheel. It consists of twelve segments and five concentric circles. The colour wheel is available in several different shades from the three primary colours of yellow, red and blue. It is simple and efficient to use. All you have to do is select a dominant colour and choose the shades of a single circle, in order to keep a uniqueness and harmony of tone for your future interior. In order to create a monochrome atmosphere, select the complementary colour opposite the one you have chosen. By limiting your palette to a quarter circle, you will be able to play on the same feeling.
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