How do you decorate your house today with some antique furniture?

Old-fashioned decoration has come back into fashion in recent years. With their undeniable charm and the serene atmosphere they exude, our grandparents' furniture still has a bright future ahead of it. More and more of us are tracking them down at garage sales and looking for a way to associate them with our home. Although antique furniture has come back into fashion, it is not so easy to combine it with more modern interiors. So, how do you associate antique furniture with your modern interior? Here are some elements of answer.

1 - Beware of colours!

What often gets in the way when you want to combine old and modern is not the style of your furniture but its colour. So make sure that your room is composed of harmonious colours. Depending on the layout of your room, you should be able to put a bright red Ikea piece of furniture of this style right next to a cherry piece of furniture of this style in the same room.

2 - Take out the rolls!

If the colour of your furniture freshly found at the corner garage sale does not match your interior, there is nothing to stop you from repainting it. It's a very useful little trick. Indeed, repainting your antique furniture allows you to preserve its rustic "soul" while breathing new life into it. Guaranteed effect! Antique furniture can be repainted in the colour of your choice. However, the most popular colours are generally light and/or green tones. Antique furniture is particularly popular. In fact, here is a video that explains how to patinate a piece of furniture simply:

3 - the most important

Anything is possible in interior decoration and style mix. The most important thing is to feel a sense of harmony when you enter your room. Not only in terms of colours but also in terms of the different styles present. It is an impression that is difficult to define. In order to achieve a satisfactory result, you must know how to dose the different styles and place them in the right place in your room. This is when you realize that interior decorating is a real job!
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