Construction of a veranda: providing heating and air conditioning

Many like the idea of being able to enjoy the garden all year round. Yes, but this is almost impossible, especially when the rainy season comes. That's when the verandas come in. The veranda is the most exposed room in the garden. You can put sofas and tables in it. This way, you can admire the garden and enjoy the sun without getting burned in the summer, but also enjoy the warmth of the garden in the veranda in the winter.

Think about the insulation system

If you don't insulate your veranda, you'll freeze in the winter and suffocate in the summer. That's why it's important to turn on the heating and air conditioning. So, as soon as you install a veranda, you have to think about heating and air conditioning. What means will the veranda designer propose for renewable energies? For example, there is the reversible heat pump or photovoltaic panels. There is also underfloor heating, which works as an electrical system.

Think about the shape of the veranda roof

What shape and material should I choose for the veranda roof? There are many options, but this also has an impact on the temperature of the veranda. For example, if you opt for a glass roof, you need to think carefully about the thickness of the roof. If it is too thick, such as double or triple glazing, however, it may prevent sunlight and heat from entering the conservatory. However, if it is too thin, it won't do much good. So it's not so difficult to choose the shape of the roof.

What materials should you choose to build your verandah properly?

When choosing the model of the veranda and the materials, you can also take this into account for the heating and air conditioning. If you opt for a wooden veranda, you know that wood is a good insulator, just like a PVC veranda. However, the wrought iron model requires an insulation system. All this must be taken into account before creating a veranda, so that you can be comfortable and at ease all year round in your veranda.
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