Veranda: what do you need to know before building it?

Having a house with a veranda is really charming. But it requires a lot of work. But what are the steps to follow before building one? It's really nice to have a veranda. You can relax and unwind on it and turn it into a living room, for example to accommodate guests. But there are a few things you should know before installing verandas. What are they?

What are the administrative procedures before building a veranda?

We are planning to have a veranda built in our house. Let's not forget that we should first of all, make the declaration of work at the PLU of the commune to which we belong. There are indeed municipalities that do not give authorization for this kind of work. That is why it is important to go and consult first to try to obtain the building permit. That way, the work we will undertake will be completely legal. Now, what kind of veranda would we want to have in our home?

The style of veranda

When you want to have a veranda, you obviously have to choose the materials for this construction. The choice of materials will greatly influence the model and style of your veranda. For example, choosing wood for the construction will make the veranda very warm and authentic. Also note that wood is a good insulator. As for steel, it is very discreet and will offer more latitude. There is also aluminum, which many people choose because it is light, sturdy and flexible. But there are also hybrid verandas, i.e. they are designed with two different materials such as wood and steel for example.

The veranda of our dreams

If our accommodation plus the veranda will exceed 150m², we will need to call in a professional, in this case a veranda manufacturer or an architect. Now that you have obtained the papers, you need to define the type of veranda you would like to have. Will it really be an extension of the living room or a real room apart? Will it be like a second living room that can accommodate a dozen guests? Will the veranda also be a place where you can work or cook? These are among other things the questions that the veranda designer will ask to discern the model of veranda that we want to have.
Building a veranda: what material and what style?
Construction of a veranda: providing heating and air conditioning

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