How to arrange and decorate the baby’s room?

Are you expecting a happy event and wondering about the interior design and decoration of your future child's room? Discover in this article some ideas and advice concerning this field.

Baby's room layout

There are two essential things to remember when you are furnishing your child's room. The first is to think about your child's safety. Covers for sockets, furniture fixed to the wall, doors closed to avoid pinched fingers, windows secured and of course no dangerous objects in his room. Then you must also think about your child's well-being. When he is older and starts to move around, your baby will want a little space (so you need a clean room) and objects within his reach (you'll need to invest in low furniture at his height). Of course, light, soft colours for painting the walls, the wallpaper, the curtains or the ceiling (no farting red or grass green!) will be better suited to a toddler and will soothe him when he goes to sleep.

Interior decoration for baby's room

The interior decoration for a baby's room is surely the most expensive and the one where parents invest the most: inevitably, you want the best, the most beautiful and the safest for your toddler. So prefer natural materials (wood for furniture, cotton or silk for sheers and carpets) and colours, again fairly neutral. You will have plenty of time to make a candy-pink room or to put stickers all over the place when your child is older and can express what he prefers. As for the little touches that will make the room unique, you can play on the stuffed animals, the cushions or even the lights and stickers (discreet!).
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