What kind of shower door?

Shower doors are many and varied. It is advisable to choose them according to the space available and the tastes of each person.

The bathroom and space constraints

Bathrooms often face space constraints. In such cases, it is a question of optimising space by carefully choosing storage furniture, the layout of sanitary appliances, showers and their doors. Hinged doors can be very cumbersome. Shower manufacturers have therefore created models that are both stylish and practical, so that consumers can have cabins that are both aesthetically pleasing and space-saving.

Folding and sliding doors: very ergonomic

Among the space-saving door models, sliding doors are at the top of the list. This is because they save a considerable amount of space as the doors do not open either inside the shower or outside. Entrances and exits are therefore safe and do not interfere with the arrangement of the shower furniture and other sanitary appliances. The same applies to folding doors. The doors fold in two or three towards the outside to make it easier to get in and out of the shower. The inside of the shower is then spacious enough to ensure the safety of users. A minimum amount of space is required between the shower tray and the door's axis of movement so that the door can be opened and closed without risk of accidents.

Walk-in doors, with walk-in showers

Walk-in doors are doors that are often found on walk-in showers. In reality, there is no door as such, but rather a wall usually made of glass or profile. To access the shower, you have to go through the side of the wall. This is easy to find, as many dealers offer them in different models. Some walk-in showers have two entrances, one on each side of the wall, while others have only one. Very design, this type of shower has become fashionable again thanks to its simplicity and ergonomics.
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