How to make a staircase safe?

In order for a staircase to be accessible to all, it is essential to make some adjustments. If user comfort is important, it should not be forgotten that safety rules must also be a priority. In the case of a rental it is imperative for the owner to bring his dwelling up to standard under the risk of legal proceedings in the event of an accident. Here are a few simple elements that can help reduce the risk of domestic accidents.

Mandatory fittings

There is no lack of solutions when you want to secure a staircase. Ideally, the steps should be of the same height and depth so as not to surprise users and to allow them to move around easily and safely. Staircase manufacturers must respect Blondel's law. This European rule can of course be used by private individuals to ensure that their steps comply with current standards. If the staircase in question is very wide, a secondary banister can be added to the main banister already in place for added comfort. In a second step, modifications to the floor can be made. It will be possible to opt for non-slip and contrasting stair nosings. The latter are particularly useful to avoid the risk of falling. Floor markings can also be used to announce the presence of the staircase.

Specialised equipment

A staircase is often a great obstacle for people with reduced mobility. In order to make it easier for them to move around, it is possible to install a lift. Thanks to the installation of an electric rail that can be adapted to both straight and spiral staircases, it will be possible to go up and down without the need for outside help. Usually very gentle and above all very quiet, a stairlift is equipped with a braking system that allows you to react quickly in the event of a particular problem. Very safe and really practical, this device is a guarantee of well-being and comfort for those who will use it on a daily basis. Finally, it can be noted that able-bodied people will be able to use this same staircase without any worries because once stopped, this device does not take up any space.
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