Increase in the number of wooden house construction

The wooden house has been experiencing strong growth since the early 2000s and several factors are at the origin of this market progression on traditional houses built from concrete and cinder blocks. First of all, there is usually the cost of the wooden house, which you can see here, because you should not hide it, but the price is always what the individual looks at first (sometimes wrongly) to decide in his purchase. Nowadays, prices are almost identical to those of traditional houses with some advantages. These are the advantages that also lead individuals to turn to this type of construction, i.e. an extremely short construction time for wooden kit houses, and advantageous thermal properties.

Various construction techniques

If the first construction technique that comes to mind when talking about a wooden house is the cottage technique called stacked log house, it is not the one that is most commonly used. Indeed, it is the timber frame house that comes to mind. It accounts for almost three quarters of all wooden constructions because it is the fastest to build thanks to the industrial production techniques used by builders. There are also other construction techniques which we suggest you discover on this site. You will discover the pole-beam and its great flexibility of architecture for luxury houses, the glued wood panel and others.

Advantages at the key

The main advantages of choosing wood are its high insulation capacity. In fact, wood is composed of a honeycomb structure in which are enclosed many air bubbles, which has the effect of reducing heat exchanges on both sides of the wood, but also phonic. This is a definite advantage, especially when the house is located near a noisy area such as an airport or highway.
The future of the heat pump
Solar panels to produce electricity or hot water

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