Redoing your interior lighting: points to remember

Lighting plays an essential role in the decoration and layout of a room. Points to remember when you want to completely redo it.

Define the type of lighting

The type of lighting should be the first thing to be determined when deciding to completely redo the lighting of the house, especially the interior lighting. There is a choice between zenithal lighting, wall lighting and floor lamp lighting. In the first case, the luminaire will be installed on the ceiling. Whether in the form of a ceiling light or recessed spotlight, this type of luminaire will provide general lighting for the room. As its name suggests, wall lighting is provided by interior design luminaires of the wall-mounted type, which are carefully placed at wall level. Unlike the first type of lighting, this type of wall lighting will provide softer and more calming lighting, while creating a pleasantly subdued atmosphere within the room. For the first two cases, it is essential to provide a recessed power supply and a specific switch-type control to be placed near the accesses in order to switch the light on and off manually. The third and last type of lighting, provided by a floor lamp, will provide additional light. It will be powered by a simple connection to an electrical outlet. Today, luminaires with motion and presence detectors are available on the market. Designed for areas such as corridors and stairs, they are automatically activated after detecting presence or movement.

Opting for led technology

LED luminaires and lamps are among the most efficient lighting devices on the market today. This technology is now present in the majority of indoor luminaires, whether recessed or free-standing. Available in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, LED bulb lights are both functional and highly decorative. Indeed, the installation of this type of LED technology light adds a very contemporary and stylish touch to the overall decoration of the room. In addition to being highly decorative, this type of light is also valued for its low energy consumption and estimated service life of over 15,000 hours. Moreover, thanks to their cold light, they can easily be installed and handled safely without any risk of burns. They thus provide optimum lighting in both spacious and narrow rooms. For safety reasons, it is best to have these electrical installations carried out by a professional.
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