Solar panels to produce electricity or hot water

A power plant

Today, it is possible to produce your own electricity thanks to the photovoltaic panel. To operate, these panels made of silicon wafers you absorb the photons that are permanently emitted by our sun. When an atom is hit by a photon, this one allows electrons which will migrate on both sides of the terminals of the panel because they have been positively and negatively doped. The difference in potential thus created makes it possible to obtain a direct current. This one is not exploitable in the state as our various household appliances work on direct current. An element called an inverter, whose function is to transform this current into alternating current, then intervenes. It is then possible to use it directly, to store it in solar batteries if one wishes to use it later or to resell it by putting it back on the network. This last technique is the most advantageous because the purchase price of solar energy by EDF is more important than its selling price, which means that it is cheaper to produce electricity that you resell and buy to run the different elements of the house. This makes it possible to make a profit from its solar panels in just a few years and to make profits thereafter over at least 20 years, which corresponds to the duration of the contract signed with EDF.

A thermal power plant

The solar water heater, on the other hand, works on the principle of an oven. The panels are placed on the roof and absorb the sun's heat. In these solar panels circulates a heat-transfer fluid which will absorb this heat and transmit it to a cumulus cloud to guarantee the production of hot water for the house. This technique can also be used as an auxiliary heating when a district heating system is equipped with a fluid. While this type of solar panel is interesting, it is less advantageous than photovoltaics since it depends greatly on outdoor weather conditions. If there is no sun or if it is cold, the solar panels will not work or will work very little to meet your needs.
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