The heat pump-soil heating combination: a winning duo!

When you add up all the bills that come up when you become a homeowner, you quickly notice that heating is one of the most important expenses behind food, transportation, etc. Indeed, for a traditional house, it is estimated that the heating costs are well over 1000 euros per year, as the statistics of the Walloon Region of 2010 indicate. Fortunately, there are many solutions to reduce heating bills. Some are very easy to implement (better insulating the attic, lowering the temperature of the house by 2 degrees, etc.) while others are more expensive but are also more profitable in the long term.

The heat pump: a long-term investment

These solutions include the possibility of using a heat pump in combination with underfloor heating. This is because the heat pump is a heating system that works extremely well using renewable energies such as air, soil and water. The principle of the heat pump is simple: it consists of taking heat calories from external media such as air, soil or water and transferring them into a home in the form of energy. The heat pump offers excellent efficiency with heating systems that do not require high temperatures, which is the case with underfloor heating.

Heat pump and underfloor heating

The heat pump will prove to be very efficient when combined with underfloor heating since this type of heating does not require very high temperatures. Moreover, this type of heating offers many advantages to the inhabitants of a house. Here are a few of them:
  • Evenly distributed heat throughout the home,
  • Invisible heating and the disappearance of radiators,
  • Less draught,
  • Less maintenance,
  • Low consumption,
  • Etc.
The future of the heat pump
Increase in the number of wooden house construction

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