The swimming pool heat pump, an energy saver

What could be better than a warm pool all year round to have fun at any time of the year and to relax when you're stressed? The problem is the price of energy. Heating a large volume of water can represent a significant investment, which is why you should choose a heating system that is both efficient and economical. That's what the swimming pool heat pump is there for!

What is a heat pump?

It is a heating system based on the principle of thermodynamics, it will use a fundamental principle, namely that any compressed gas sees its temperature increase. In concrete terms, the pool heat pump will draw energy, or calories from all around it, however low the outside temperature may be, in order to heat a refrigerant liquid that will evaporate even at low temperatures. The gas thus obtained will then pass through a compressor in order to apply the principle of thermodynamics. The heat obtained is then transferred via a secondary circuit to the pool water without any fluid exchange. The result is water at a pleasant temperature. The main factor to take into account when choosing a pool heat pump is the coefficient of performance, which gives the ratio between the electrical energy that will be consumed and the energy that will actually be used to heat the pool water. Generally, for a swimming pool, we can find good heat pumps with a COP of around 4, i.e. for 1kW of electrical energy consumed, we can benefit from 5kW of energy to increase the temperature of the water in our swimming pool.

The price of a pool heat pump

On the price side, there are heat pumps for swimming pools at prices starting at around €400 for the entry-level and lower performance models and for small volumes of water. For the top-of-the-range models, prices start at around €1500. It should not be forgotten that heating water is expensive and that even with a swimming pool heat pump. Other heating systems that are cheaper but less efficient or more energy consuming exist but the heat pump seems to be the best investment that will pay off over time if you want to heat your pool.
The future of the heat pump
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