The timber-frame house: the builder’s best seller

More and more homeowners are considering turning to wood as a building material for their future housing because wood is a material that has proven itself over time, but also has many advantages that builders do not hesitate to put forward to sell their timber-frame house.

What are the advantages of wood framing?

When we ask what is a timber frame house, we often hear, for example, the argument of the thermal inertia of wood. Namely that wood is a powerful insulator that will be able to keep a house cool in summer and warm in winter. The strong sound absorption is also a strong argument, especially when you build your house in a noisy environment such as a national road or near a heliport/airport. Finally, a major argument to finish convincing the buyer is the time required to build the wooden house. When you have your house built with bricks and mortar, it often takes a significant number of months before your house comes out of the ground. With a timber frame house, it takes only a few weeks, or even a few days, depending on the builder. How is such a miracle possible? It is simple, the timber frame house today benefits from manufacturing processes that have been industrialized by the builder since the early two thousand years. Some will arrive with the house in pieces and to be assembled on the building site in a few days, others will come with entire wall sections that already contain all the necessary insulation, electricity etc ... When you have to pay both your rent and the loan to build the new house, the argument of rapid construction tends to be convincing. Besides, living in a wooden house is like living in the middle of nature, so why deprive yourself of it?
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