Underfloor heating and its many advantages

In recent years, households that are starting to build their homes have been looking more and more regularly to integrate underfloor heating, either only on the ground floor or also upstairs, in order to offer this feeling of comfort in the bathroom. Obviously, to be able to install underfloor heating, you need a larger budget than for a traditional heating system, but the result is very often up to expectations... Underfloor heating is a heating system with many advantages. We will only mention here the most important ones for us and we will not forget to point out that underfloor heating is not optimal in all situations .

Invisible and comfortable heating

One of the advantages of underfloor heating is its invisible side, which allows households with underfloor heating to use all the walls of the house to place furniture or decorative objects. Even window sills can now be occupied by a decorative object. But the fact that it is installed in the ground offers a second major advantage: its living comfort. Forget about heating systems that made your legs feel heavy thirty years ago. Today's underfloor heating systems run much cooler water through the pipes, which avoids this inconvenience and still offers the same feeling of comfort when walking barefoot!

An economical and pleasant system

In addition to being invisible, underfloor heating allows you to save money on heating fuel because it requires lower temperatures to provide the same feeling of warmth. In fact, the temperature of the water circulating in the underfloor heating pipes rarely exceeds 30 degrees, which makes it possible to have a low-temperature boiler or a heat pump. Finally, underfloor heating is pleasant because the heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface of the house where it is installed. There are therefore fewer draughts and the heat is no longer concentrated in one corner of the room before it spreads.

To know

Before embarking on an installation such as underfloor heating, it is important to know that some floors (such as wood) conduct heat less well and, as a result, the savings that should have been made with this type of heating will diminish. Finally, underfloor heating is particularly difficult to install in the context of a renovation because all the tiles have to be removed for installation. It is therefore preferable to think about it as soon as you build your home!
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