When do you have to maintain your boiler?

Over the years, the performance of boilers tends to decrease. Among the causes of this declining performance is the obsolescence of machines that have not been well maintained over the years. To remedy this problem, since 2009 legislation has required boiler owners to carry out maintenance on a more regular basis. A poorly or poorly maintained boiler can have more or less serious consequences on homes. In the best of cases, this boiler will have a shorter lifespan and its performance will decrease over the years because of the fouling and obsolescence of the parts. In the worst case, carbon monoxide (a very toxic and odourless gas) could emanate from these boilers and risk the lives of many inhabitants. To avoid these many problems, Belgian and French legislation has decided to make boiler maintenance compulsory. In France, boiler owners have to maintain their boilers every year and in Belgium, oil boilers have to be inspected every year, whereas gas boilers can benefit from a less regular inspection, i.e. every 3 years.

What does this inspection consist of?

The inspection and maintenance of a boiler must be carried out by an approved professional in order to ensure quality maintenance. Broadly speaking, this maintenance must consist of measuring gas emissions, checking the location of the chimney and ventilation, adjusting the burner, but also cleaning the boiler and the flue gas evacuation system.

The advantages of regular maintenance

Maintaining your boiler offers several advantages that are worth remembering:
  • Increase the life of the boiler,
  • Limit the risk of carbon monoxide incidents,
  • Performance on the rise, consumption on the decline.
For more information on the maintenance and control of your boiler in Wallonia, visit this website!
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